Hitachi Vantara and ITGLOBAL.COM Held a Conference for Key Customers
Hitachi Vantara and ITGLOBAL.COM Held a Conference for Key Customers

At the end of June, ITGLOBAL.COM and Hitachi Vantara jointly organized a conference on data management, which was held at the historic building of the Moskva Hotel. Guests included technical experts and company representatives from the retail, manufacturing, banking and oil & gas sectors, and were introduced to new approaches and methods in big data management.

Companies in the above sectors usually have many branches with elaborate internal information flows. It makes them primary customers of solutions that make information flows structured and reveal areas where additional profits can be made as well as areas where profits are lost. With its visual data analysis, predictions and automatic checks, Pentaho is the tool that makes it possible, revealing the links between data flows without the need to hire professional developers and analysts.

Hitachi Vantara also presented Lumada—a platform for IoT data and advanced analytics that helps customers formulate recommendations for what matters to their business most, and build their own AI and “smart spaces”. Experts also spoke about the special features of Hitachi Content Platform and other recent developments, such as Hitachi product updates, with an emphasis on the benefits of flash storage systems.

The event concluded with a banquet. Guests had an opportunity to speak with experts and discuss topics of interest, which, once again, highlights the fact that digital data is the main asset in any company.

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