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Industrial UPS

Powerful power supplies for protection against power failures in industrial facilities. Designed to ensure the operation of production complexes, workshops, machine tools and other industrial equipment.

Power range from 10 to 500 kVA. Input voltage range from 305 to 475V

Ensuring continuity of production processes and safe operation of high-tech equipment

Preventing failure of expensive equipment

Ensuring resilience to transients in the power supply network

Series C3 IB 100-600kVA
  • Power 100-600kVA
  • Parallel operation of 4 systems
  • Output isolation transformer for protection of personnel and input network
  • 6/12-pulse rectifier (100-400kVA) and 12-pulse rectifier (500, 600kVA)
Series C3 IP 10-200kVA
  • Power 10-120kVA
  • Patented design provides 100% front access
  • Graphene coated UPS enclosure
  • Output isolation transformer to protect personnel and input mains

Online UPS for IT equipment

Power range from 1 to 1200 kV
Input voltage range from 285 to 475V

Minimize downtime risks and protect critical systems in any operating environment

Improvement of energy efficiency of engineering infrastructure

Three-phase industrial UPS 50-1200kVA
  • Input/Output – 3/1 and 3/3 phase
  • 6 or12-pulse rectifier (10-120kVA) and 12-pulse rectifier (120-200kVA)
  • Power factor 0.8
  • Input voltage range 285-475V
  • Parallel operation of 4 systems
  • Overload 110% – 1h,
  • 125% – 10min, 150% up to 1min
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