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IT infrastructure transformation
Opportunities to transform their activities
Improved security
Implementation of innovations

Benefits of blockchain technology


Blockchain enables the exchange of data in an ecosystem of entities where parties are not solely responsible. Blockchain solves the problem of not having a central intermediary that provides trust between parties.


Transactions recorded on the blockchain cannot be altered or deleted. This allows the blockchain to be used as a tool to track information over time


The blockchain creates an immutable record of transactions with end-to-end encryption that eliminates fraud, unauthorized activity and makes hacking virtually impossible


By eliminating intermediaries and automating manual processes in transactions, blockchain allows transactions to be processed much faster, than traditional tools and methods

Cost reduction

Blockchain helps reduce organizational costs and improves transaction processing efficiency, which simplifies reporting and auditing and reduces manual operations such as aggregating and modifying data


Blockchain solves the problem of trust between different parties and simplifies business relationships

ITGLOBAL.COM Competencies

Our experts have extensive experience in creating smart contracts, deploying and maintaining blockchain networks - we can help with any blockchain implementation task

Years of experience in IT management

Extensive experience in PoS validation of blockchain networks

Everscale network governance members

Own ecosystem of projects

Challenges that blockchain can solve

Private blockchain

The corporate blockchain network enables a transparent, decentralized platform with high security and easy-to-use analytics tools. The corporate blockchain provides high bandwidth, scalability, solution reliability, immutability and confidentiality of data, making it easy to integrate with counterparties


NFTs help store data within a distributed network, such as product information within the blockchain, which will be particularly useful for retail businesses

Public blockchain networks

We will implement your project in any of the existing blockchain networks and help you integrate it into your company's business processes

Project Stages




Adapting your business objectives to public blockchain networks


Turnkey delivery of private blockchain networks

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What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a technology that is changing the way data is stored, exchanged and protected. At its core, it is a decentralized and transparent digital system that records transactions and data across multiple computers or nodes.
Unlike traditional centralized systems where data is controlled by a single authority, blockchain allows a distributed network of participants to collectively maintain and verify information.

How does blockchain work?


In a blockchain network, there is no central authority or intermediary. Instead, nodes store copies of the entire blockchain. This decentralized architecture provides transparency, immutability, and resilience to single points of failure

Blocks and transactions

Transactions are grouped into blocks, which are then sequentially added to the blockchain. Each block contains a unique identifier, a timestamp, and a cryptographic hash that ensures the integrity of the data it contains. Once a block is added to the blockchain, it cannot be altered or tampered with, providing a high level of security

Consensus mechanisms

Blockchain networks use consensus mechanisms to validate and agree on the content of each block. These mechanisms allow nodes to reach consensus on the validity of transactions and prevent attackers from compromising the system. Popular consensus mechanisms include Proof of Work (PoW), Proof of Stake (PoS), and Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS)

Variability and security

Once a transaction is written to the blockchain and added to the blockchain, it becomes permanent and immutable. The distributed nature of the network and cryptographic algorithms ensure that it takes an impractical amount of computing power to change a transaction, making the blockchain very secure and resistant to fraud

Blockchain for Business


Our integration experts will ensure a smooth transition, allowing you to take advantage of the benefits of blockchain without disrupting your day-to-day operations


Seamless integration of blockchain technology into existing systems and workflows


We can help you solve any challenges in integrating blockchain into your business model

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Blockchain for business,
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