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Virtual Storage Platform E Series

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E Series (VSP E Series) is a storage solution designed to improve business application performance and data efficiency through an easy-to-manage platform. It is built on the innovative technologies found in Hitachi high-performance enterprise systems


The VSP E Series architecture is based on a controller (Active-Active mode) that delivers industry-leading latency. The advanced architecture reduces transaction costs for latency-critical applications. It also provides predictable performance to optimize storage resources


The proven high availability and scalability of the VSP E Series provides infrastructure solutions to maximize data center resources


The VSP E Series offers NVMe options, hybrid flash memory and flash storage/ This provides flexible data management options

Storage virtualization

Storage virtualization provides the ability to manage multiple storage systems from a single location

VSP E series model range

VSPE590 VSP E790 VSP E1090
Performance (IOPs)
4.0 million
6.8 million
8.4 million
Performance (Bandwidth)
22 GB
32 GB
Maximum cache size
768 GiB
768 GiB
1024 GiB
Maximum internal raw volume
7.94PB (30TB NVMe и 30TB SAS SSD)
7.94PB (30TB NVMe и 30TB SAS SSD)
26 PB (30TB SAS SSD)
Maximum external raw volume
287 PB
Compression ratio
Up to 7:1 
Up to 7:1 
Up to 7:1 
FC: 32Gb FC: 16Gb iSCSI: 10Gb iSCSI: 25Gb
FC: 32Gb FC: 16Gb iSCSI: 10Gb iSCSI: 25Gb
FC-NVMe: 32Gb FC: 32Gb FC: 16Gb iSCSI: 10Gb iSCSI: 25Gb

Hitachi NAS 5000 Platform

An enterprise infrastructure foundation with the highest performance NVMe and SAS flash enables faster customer engagement, cloud utilization, and simplifies storage operations for improved ROI

IOPS Performance: 33 million per second,
69 PB capacity, 39 µs latency

100% data availability guarantee

Capacity up to 4:1

Platform Features

Support for all workloads from container to mainframe

Flexible scaling – suitable capacity and service levels

NVMe and vascaling from 2 to 6 nodes and 3.8 TB to 69 TB

The world’s fastest NVMe flash memory array

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