ITGLOBAL.COM Has Upgraded UNECON's (FINEC's) Main Storage System
ITGLOBAL.COM Has Upgraded UNECON's (FINEC's) Main Storage System

ITGLOBAL.COM has replaced the previous generation storage system with a new one and is now supporting it.

As a part of the current agreement with the St. Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON), ITGLOBAL.COM has upgraded the university’s legacy storage system with the modern NetApp FAS8200 system, and now provides 24/7 maintenance.

This is not the first long-term agreement between the companies. Seven years ago, UNECON chose NetApp as their base storage system, and have been quite satisfied with its operation, the support level from ITGLOBAL.COM, and its competencies as a partner this entire time. The new, more powerful NetApp FAS8200 storage system continues to maintain the highest level of virtual infrastructure performance and reliable data storage within the organization.

The agreement with ITGLOBAL.COM has already begun, so UNECON started the academic year with an updated and more secure infrastructure.

Konstantin Kozar, Deputy Sales Director:

«Investments in education, as well as in infrastructure, tools, and platforms for improving its quality are always an investment in the future. This means that the university’s decision is not only modern but also proactive.»

ITGLOBAL.COM has amassed unique expertise in NetApp products based on twelve years of successful implementation and support. ITGLOBAL.COM got the Gold status in the NetApp Partner Program thanks to our many years of experience and high work quality.


The company has been implementing NetApp systems since 2009 and has been an authorized service and support partner for the vendor’s products for over nine years. In 2015, ITGLOBAL.COM became the best cloud solutions provider to use NetApp storage systems.

In 2019, ITGLOBAL.COM has rebranded to fully enter the global arena and began expanding into new markets.

Alexey Kurbatsky, UNECON (FINEC) Development Director:

«Technology has advanced quite a bit in recent years, so we needed an upgrade. We were happy with how the FAS8020 has performed for the past seven years, so we once again chose a NetApp product as the base storage system and ITGLOBAL.COM to support it.»

About the University

The St. Petersburg State University of Economics ranked 32nd in Forbes 100 Best Russian Universities list, which, among other things, took into account the position of educational institutions in world university rankings. The majority of them pay close attention to the technical equipment of universities and their use of advanced technologies in education.

About NetApp

NetApp is an industry leader in storage system development, as well as data storage and management solutions. One of NetApp key advantages is integrating a large number of different protocols (NFS, FC, CIFS, iSCSI, FTP, HTTP) to form a complete converged storage system.

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