Telecom providers of South Africa were introduced to Stingray Service Gateway All-in-One solution
Telecom providers of South Africa were introduced to Stingray Service Gateway All-in-One solution

Evgenia Kosareva, ITGLOBAL.COM International Sales manager, participated in MyBroadband South African online conference. There Ms. Kosareva made the presentation of Stingray SG, All-in-One solution for telecom providers.

About the system

Ms. Kosareva introduced the solution to the audience, stressing the tool’s convenience and ability to solve many tasks of an operator. The solution allows building effective communication with clients and making commercial offers more profitable and competitive. This happens due to rich traffic analysis functionalities and abilities to create new services for users. Customer loyalty increases as the result.

Advantages of software approach

Ms. Kosareva emphasized software solution independence from any specific technology stack – which allows optimization of expenses on network development and maintenance and minimizes the number of actual equipment suppliers.

Long lifecycle of the solution is yet another advantage. Stingray SG can migrate to a different hardware and is easily scalable. Thus, in comparison to hardware solutions, its usage period becomes virtually endless.

Stingray SG combines various functionalities: DPI, BNG, NAT, router, etc. To maintain such multifunctionality in “classical” hardware solutions several pieces of equipment are needed.

Ms. Kosareva voiced the advantages of free and simple testing, as well as the platform’s fast launch. If clients already use virtual environment or x86 servers, Stingray SG can be installed remotely in short time. So the situation of lengthy wait for equipment physical delivery becomes simply impossible.

Situation on the market

Ms. Kosareva mentioned one of the market trends – where the solution fits perfectly. Today providers wish for a flexible, inexpensive and simple product to work with traffic. So usage of software traffic filtering instead of hardware one is the common trend. This decreases a number of devices in a network, which makes their synchronization (and replacement, if needed) easier.

Concluding, ITGLOBAL.COM specialist voiced four main advantages of Stingray SG:

  • Fast implementation and integration. One day installation is possible.
  • Smooth and convenient migration with no down time.
  • Configurable functionality.
  • Price of extreme attraction – much lower than competitive offers.

Ms. Kosareva devoted some time to the developer company. ITGLOBAL.COM experience in creating telco solutions is more than 12 years. Deep profiling expertise in modern technologies’ application and usage was gained within the mentioned time frame.

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