QoE Analytics — a module for collecting statistics and information about customer perception of services

15+ years of expertise in the market
No vendor lock-in
No connection to equipment suppliers
Proprietary DPI engine and mechanics for recognizing over 6000 signatures

QoE - analytics for the telecom operator's business

Software for collecting statistics and information on how customers evaluate the quality of services. The statistics obtained in conjunction with special metrics provides insight into the user experience and helps to determine the following parameters

Level of quality of services received by users

Internet connection speed and reliability

Problems faced by users


Round-trip delay (RTT) indicators

Indicators of the number of re-requests

Number of sessions, devices, IP addresses per subscriber

Traffic distribution by different protocols and directions

Clickstream for clients

What tasks QoE analytics solves

Enhance customer and subscriber loyalty

Monitoring network performance

Enhance revenue per subscriber

Providing better services

Strengths of QoE based on Stingray SG


Compatibility with other Stingray SG options: traffic filtering, BRAS, CG-NAT


Ensuring QoS on the operator's network


Adding data from billing


Performance improvement, installation on x86 server


Customization of filters and triggers


User-friendly and clear interface


Increase in revenue per subscriber

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QoE analytics.
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Features of QoE from VAS Experts

Round-trip delay (RTT) indicators
  • Delay statistics
  • Identify subscribers with high latency and call quality issues
  • Analyze emerging difficulties with customer equipment, router and switch
  • Add data via API to the monitoring system
Downloading Full NetFlow statistics
  • Collection of statistics on different protocols, distribution of traffic to different directions and AS
  • Ability to prioritize DPI depending on the channel
  • Finding suitable peering points and connections to upstream operators
  • DDDoS attack tracking and virus protection
Statistics of re-requests while using the Internet
  • Identifying problems with routers
  • Realization of hardware with better coverage and enhanced functionality
  • Downloading the number of sessions, subscriber devices and requests to Internet resources
  • Collecting data on test results from www.speedtest.net and using this information when interacting with customers
  • Identify and work with customers who have left negative feedback
  • Analytics data that can be used to reduce customer churn
Marketing activities
  • Redirecting the subscriber to the web-page in a certain period of time
  • Automated questioning of specialists after visits on subscribers’ request
  • Reporting network incidents and reducing the load on support specialists
  • Informing subscribers about services and promotions

Graphical Interface of QoE analytics system

NetFlow statistics by protocol group
NetFlow statistics by application group
Top hosts with retransmission
ClickStream traffic statistics
Filtering subscribers with high RTT


QoE module configurations Base Standart
Collector for NetFlow statistics collection with re-export support
API support for integration with external systems
Visualization of Full NetFlow and ClickStream statistics
Built-in TOP reports based on Full NetFlow: high RTT, by traffic volume, by number of re-requests, by application protocols, by AS, by subscriber AS, by access and aggregation switches
Built-in ClickStream-based TOP reports: URLs, hosts, subscribers, devices, resource IPs
Download reports in .xlsx, .csv, .pdf, .png formats
Collector for collecting NAT log statistics via NetFlow protocol with re-export support
Unloading NAT log from Full NetFlow
Collector for GTP statistics collection via NetFlow protocol with re-export support
Report on categories of web resources, updating the list of categories
Full NetFlow and ClickStream custom reports for subscriber details
Setting triggers and actions on events, sending reports by email
DDoS and BotNet detection

QoE module of the Stingray SG system: configuration and application

Stingray Service Gateway

Our customers

QoE analytics.
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