vStack Enterprise Deck - manage virtualized enterprise resources in a single dashboard

Own solution
ITIL best practices
IT resource management up to the department level
Integration with ITSM system

About the product

Virtual resources in most enterprises are often spent inefficiently and haphazardly. To optimize this process, we created vStack Enterprise Deck - a module for SimpleOne ITSM system in the form of a single dashboard for control and management of the company's IT resources

vStack Enterprise Deck

Organization of the orderly consumption of resources by internal units

Motivating employees to use resources efficiently

Service model management in ITIL best practices

Cost optimization

vStack Enterprise Deck measures infrastructure consumption on a pay-as-you-go basis - all costs are captured, costs for each department are transparent - allowing for more efficient use of virtual resources

Resource Management with vStack Enterprise Deck


Partnership with SimpleOne

vStack is a partner of SimpleOne - a developer of IT process automation system in accordance with ITIL best practices
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vStack Enterprise Deck.
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